I’ve got a confession to make to you about strawberries.

Yes, strawberries. I love them. I buy them and then I let them sit, unloved in my refrigerator. Then it suddenly occurs to me that if I don’t prep them right now, they’ll get mouldy. I have to wash them and cut the leafy tops off so that when the craving hits, I can just pop them into my mouth like orange Tic Tacs!

Those ideas you have – the ones that pop into your head? Don’t let them sit in the refrigerator until they get mouldy.

To be fair, ideas are not quite the same as strawberries, or any other perishable fruit for that matter. However, if you have a good idea or a dream to chase, don’t let it slip away. Take action. Don’t wait for a miracle of magically washed strawberries. You’ve got to put the work in: wash, trim, make fruit salad.

Sometimes the hardest part is setting up the foundation for your dream business or career and therefore, too easy to put off. You may even find yourself starting with a lot of enthusiasm on the first day but then the motivation starts to dwindle. That’s okay and completely normal. It’s what you do after a slow day that will make or break your progress. In case you forgot, every successful person has experienced some sort of struggle, even if it’s not shown on social media.

You’ll never regret trying. It’s better to try and fail than to wonder what if…


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