Rio Flamenco Brand Design

Río Flamenco Boutique is a Vancouver based costume company dedicated to the creation of inspiring costumes for Flamenco dancers and performers. 

For the first phase of this project, I was commissioned to illustrate and design the brand identity. I combined watercolour fashion illustrations with ink and line work to create the logo, textures, and patterns to be used for marketing materials and digital assets. As part of the Río Flamenco brand design, I also put together a custom colour palette and custom font pairings in order to further a cohesive and unique brand identity. The goal was to create a whimsical yet elegant design that evoked the fantasy of flamenco and fashion. Like a river, both flamenco and fashion are always evolving and flowing into new designs and creations.

Below are some samples of the final work:

For the second phase of this project, I created more illustrations that were designed for the Río Flamenco video outro. Click play to view samples of the logo and illustrations in action:

Farnaz Rio Flamenco august 18 from Shutter House Films on Vimeo.