About Inés de s. AKA Inés Beatriz

Hello! I’m Ines: an illustrator, maker and freelance creator. I’ve been fortunate enough to illustrate for magazines, brands and weddings, as well as work on special art commissions. Through Bruno & Delilah and Mila Minoo, I sell my handmade goods (accessories and wall decor). On top of these hands-on projects, I also do freelance content creation (a fancy way of saying I write). Needless to say, I wear a few different hats but they are all connected by a thirst for creativity.

I realized very early on that a traditional 9-5 was not for me. While in many ways it would be a much easier path, I knew that I would be more able to contribute and help people by striking out on my own. It’s most certainly the harder path but that is what makes it the most rewarding!

While working freelance is wonderful, my biggest goal is to help other creatives succeed in their dreams. Whatever your creative jam is, I know how hard it can be to get out of the planning phase, into the nitty gritty of building your business, and beyond. From your brand design to just helping you take control of your schedule, I hope that my experiences and expertise can help you move forward, making real tangible steps towards your dream business.

When I’m not working, one can usually find me hanging out with my fiancé, Ben and our mystery mutt, Boeing.

Loves: travel, coffee, salt and vinegar chips, madeleines